Saturday, October 29, 2011

Events, Events, Events....

Now that we know what my definition of an event is...YAY! Why not classify an event into its many different categories and sub categories. This will be helpful when trying to decide what event you would like to plan and what category it might fall under. So lets get started!

Below is a list of the main categories and under each are the subcategories which divide them. Descriptions and examples are to come. Stay tuned!!!

                                                                 Source: via Christine on Pinterest


                       a) Celebration (Personal)
i)        Birthdays
ii)       Weddings
iii)     Anniversaries

photo credit: me, a conference I helped plan     in Montreal.

b) Corporate
i)        Meetings
ii)       Conferences
iii) Promotional Events

photo credit google: charity event search
c) Charity
i)        Fundraisers
ii)       Runs/Walks
iii)     Galas

                                                Source: Uploaded by user via Chadwick on Pinterest

d)      Entertainment
i)        Award Ceremonies
ii)       Concerts
iii)     Festivals

photo credit: me, at a Raptors game in Toronto

e)      Sport
i)        Sporting Events/League
ii)       Olympics
iii)     Tournaments

Which is your favourite type of event? Have you ever planned an event? How did it go?

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