Thursday, May 10, 2012

Bunting and Tassels,Tassels and Bunting

One major part of planning an event (and the most fun, in my opinion) is the decorating. 
It really adds to the atmosphere and if done right can really impress and inspire your guests.
I posted about trends before here, well this is another major trend that has been hitting Pinterest and the event bloggersphere for some time now.

It is all about bunting and tassels. Obviously this trend can only be used for special events, such as weddings, birthdays and milestone celebrations, since it had a more personal feel. I would not recommend busting out too much tassel for a conference or business event.

But today's post is all about fun. Take a look at some tassel examples below. The possibilities are endless, you can make them in any colour, length and texture you wish.

Bunting, I think has become and even bigger trend than tassels. You can bunt all over the place. Hang them from your ceiling, from trees, even use them as a cake topper. There are a slew of DIY tutorials on these, you can check mine out here and just like tassels, your options are endless.

Have you used any form of bunting or tassels before? What occasion was it for? Would love to see some pics.

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