Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Top Three..

When deciding on and planning an event there are always millions of ideas that start forming in your head. Sometimes there are so many that it becomes overwhelming and you do not even know where to start, if you're anything like me, you will start writing down the list of all the items in your head, so that you can see it in front of you on paper.
This although is a superb idea, can sometimes make the task even more daunting.

The best way to start is to choose the top three most important items when it comes to planning your event:

Theme/Colour Scheme

The above might seem incredibly obvious now, but when you are stressed and listing those items in your event notebook or spreadsheet, these might be somewhere in the middle. A lot of times, people start with the guest list first, or the food they want catered.

Why are these the top three (in my mind anyways)?

The Date

The Date gives you and your guests a timeline, think of it as your deadline, something to strive towards and give yourself little due dates in between for.

The Location

The location/venue marks the start of your planning, for example the number of guests you invite, and usually the venue offers its own services, like: decorations, catering, technical support, staff and sometimes they even give recommendations for DJs and other items you would not have even thought of.

The Theme/Colour

The theme/colour scheme is the start of the creative idea flow, and is probably the most fun, once you have decided on a theme the possibilities are endless.

So take out your notebook and start planning.

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