Thursday, October 27, 2011

DIY Halloween Inspired Tassels

Since Halloween is right around the corner.I decided to post a super easy and quick DIY.
All you will need is appropriate coloured plastic grocery bags, scissors and rope.Yup, that's it.

There are really only three steps.

First, cut your plastic bag into a triangle shape, or any shape your prefer, really.
Second, cut slits in at the bottom of your shape, to create the tassled effect. See below, for my example.

Third, measure the rope to your desired length, and tie the tassels to it, spacing them out as far or as close as you would like them to be to each other. I tied the top corner of my triangle to the rope.

And, result.

Looking back, I could have made my rope a bit longer, and made my tassels a bit larger, but hey, next time.

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